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Complex support and administration of technical information system in SEPS, a.s.


Provision of advisory services and complex support of technical information system administration based on XMatik®.NET V10.1 in the field of technical recording and management of electrical substations device maintenance, lines, protections and automatics, devices of control and dispatching technique, cadastral information, information about grounds and their owners and users, management of schemes of distribution lines in Slovakia and surrounding countries, parameters of network calculations, management and monitoring of preventive maintenance, recording and evaluation of maintenance activities, diagnostic activities, device failure rate and other events in life cycle of electric power and telecommunication device of Distribution system.
Our company guarantee the continuous functionality of information system by executed changes and updating data or required restructuring of information system. We also guarantee database accessibility, integrity and function at the customer's workplace and also at distributor's maintenance activities and store their backup copies.

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Consulting and analyses in power industry
Processing of technical data
Processing of graphic data
Processing of CAD data
Sale and installation of software
Sale and installation of hardware
Accredited certification services for electronic signature
Double-entry bookkeeping, maintenance of personnel and payroll agenda
Energy trading
Facility management and maintenance
Devices and equipment lifecycle management
Technological networks management
Technical documentation maintenance
Road network management
Energetic networks design
Maps, atlases and other map works
Technical information systems
Trading information systems for power industry
Consulting and analyses in power industry
Graphic applications
Municipal information systems

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