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Breakfast with Virtual Reality at FIIT


Do you think that virtual reality are just games and fun? Not even slightly.

Students of Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies recently found out other ways how to use the virtual reality in practice at a special event named Breakfast with Virtual Reality. The event organized by our company in cooperation with the Slovak Technical University was held on December 3, 2019.

The faculty hallway filled up with curious and perhaps also hungry students. However, besides tasty food they were interested also in virtual reality and the projects we have been implementing.

3D glasses carried them to production unit of Slovnaft, a.s. and enabled them to fill shoes of maintenance men. We tried to prove to the students how virtual reality may be used as an efficient work tool.

In October we also participated in the Days of Opportunities fair. We are delighted that more and more students are aware of our company, which is also the platinum partner of the faculty.

Breakfast with Virtual Reality:

Days of Opportunities fair, October 2019

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