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Bratislava running festival with the participation of ŠK SFÉRA - Healthy Life


The first weekend of April was a celebration of running sport also for our runners ŠK SFÉRA - Healthy Life, as the 17th year of the traditional international sports festival ČSOB Bratislava Marathon was on the program.

The weather was not very good this year, but our running enthusiasts did not let themselves be discouraged. We were represented not only in the category of adult runners, but our children's representatives also contributed to the wonderful atmosphere of the race.

In the women's category, Barborka and Nasťa stood at the starting line in the minimarathon discipline, and in the men's category, we were represented by Libor and Tony in the discipline 10 km marathon.

Libor was also one of the participants in the Sunday half marathon and achieved a result worthy of real recognition.

We had a five-member representation in the children's category. Terezka, (4 years), Laura (6 years), Jurko (6 years) and Julka (8 years) took part in the 300 m run, and Viki (11 years) competed on the 600-meter track. Their parents - Ivka, Lucka and Maťo - could be rightfully proud of these little runners.

We warmly congratulate all our runners who took the opportunity to start spring with an active movement, we wish them a lot of success in their further running activity and, last but not least, we thank them for representing our company.

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