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8 digitization scenarios using AI


Our colleagues were part of the expert team that participated in elaboration of the document called 8 possible scenarios of digitization using artificial intelligence. Scenarios describe possibilities for exploitation of technologies that are already developed and can be deployed in real processes. By using and implementing technologies in processes (both production and non-production), companies can achieve a competitive advantage.

Our company is not only involved in digitization using AI our technical solutions. We are also actively involved in initiatives that can help implementation of artificial intelligence solutions in Slovak Republic. Development and education in the field of AI in such a small country as Slovakia, requires the cooperation of private and academic sectors.

For this reason company sféra, a.s. became a member of the Slovak Research Center for Artificial Intelligence


The center was founded in 2019 as a platform for excellence in artificial intelligence. It unites students, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, investors and all others who are interested in artificial intelligence and support its implementation in practice.

8 scenarios of digitization using AI is a part of document called ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF POSSIBILITIES OF RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN SLOVAKIA - DOCUMENT NO.2 - MANUAL FOR COMPANIES FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, which was prepared for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization by team of contributors from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and assessed by an expert team associated under the Slovak Research Center for Artificial Intelligence - slovak.AI.

You can find the work on the website of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.

Document also includes results of a survey that shows the state of use of artificial intelligence in companies in Slovak Republic.

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