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SFÉRA, a.s., is proud to implement and comply with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards. Even though we will be legally obliged to report ESG only from 2026, we have decided to actively address this initiative already at this time. We believe that business should not only be about economic results, but also the contribution to the environment, society, and a transparent management structure.


We are actively working to reduce our ecological footprint. We implement energy-saving solutions in our data center, 100% of the electricity we use comes from renewable sources, we optimize consumption, and support recycling and waste reduction initiatives. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.


We care about creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we invest in their education, professional development, and mental health. We work with communities, support educational programs, and engage in charitable activities.


We have established strong corporate governance principles that include transparency, ethical business, and responsible decision-making. Our governance structures ensure that all our processes comply with the highest standards and regulations. Ethical principles are embedded in every aspect of our business.

We believe that actively addressing ESG aspects contributes to sustainable development and increases value for all our stakeholders - from employees to customers to the wider community. Our company is committed to continuous improvement and transparency in the field of ESG because we believe that responsible business is the key to long-term success.

Our sustainability journey is just beginning, but we are committed to being a leader in our industry and an example for others. Your trust and support are our motivation to continue to innovate and improve following ESG principles.

Our efforts are confirmed by the obtained Certificate of ESG Compliance issued by the global digital platform Synesgy.


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Devices and equipment lifecycle management
Technological networks management
Technical documentation maintenance
Road network management
Energetic networks design
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Consulting and analyses in power industry
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